In-Person Learning Model

  • Definition                                          Click here for the full 2020-21 Return to School Plan

    For the In-Person learning model, all students return to school for face-to-face instruction. Schools should create as much space between students and teachers as is possible during the school day, but will not be held strictly to enforce six (6) feet of social distancing during instruction in the classrooms. 

    All activities and extracurricular programs should continue to follow the MDH COVID-19 Prevention Guidance for Youth, Student, and Child Care Programs. 

    In-person learning may be implemented if COVID-19 status stabilizes or improves. Future decisions on whether to increase restrictions will be made if COVID-19 at the local, regional, or state level worsens.

    Academics & Scheduling

    During the In-Person learning model, education will be much like school prior to COVID-19.  

    • All students will come to school and participate in face-to-face learning with peers and teachers.
    • There will be some changes depending upon classroom space, subject matter, and grade.
    • Transitions may still be limited, cleaning/sanitation will be more in depth, and as much space as possible will be created between people during instruction.  
    • Arrival and dismissal times may be adjusted during the In-Person learning model due to promote social distancing and address the impact of transportation including busing and parent drop off/pick up.
    • Statewide assessments will be administered in a standardized manner and environment.
    • Attendance will be taken on a daily basis.


    Pre-school, elementary school, middle school and high school each have a complete return to school plan for academics and schedules, which can be accessed from the links below.  These plans include schedules, attendance, interventions, grading, and any other relevant information for all three learning models.  

    Please see Early Education, Preschool  and Early Childhood Family Education Scheduling Plan HERE.

    Please see Elementary Academics and Scheduling Plan HERE. 

    Please see Middle School Academics and Scheduling Plan HERE. 

    Please see High School Academics and Scheduling Plan HERE.


    Special Education 

    Alexandria Public Schools employs a full time Director of Student Support Services, Dr. Michelle Bethke-Kaliher, and Assistant Director of Student Support Services, Sara Richards, who supervise special education services for the district. Individual Education Plan (IEP) teams will consider plans for the student for the In-Person learning model, Hybrid learning model and Distance learning model. Alexandria Public Schools has the goal of maximizing the effectiveness of specialized instruction while at the same time minimizing COVID-19 infection risk and considering all necessary safety measures.

    Alternative Delivery Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS)

    The Alexandria Public Schools will provide ADSIS services through various platforms including virtual face-face synchronous instruction through digital connections and face-to-face services. 

    Please see a more detailed Special Education Plan HERE

    Transportation School Bus

    Bus service to and from school will be offered during the In-Person learning model. Alexandria Public Schools will create as much space between riders as possible while recognizing it is not always possible to have six (6) feet of social distancing during the In-Person learning model. 

    Please see a more detailed Transportation Plan HERE

    FNS button Food & Nutrition Services  

    Serving food at school must adhere to guidelines established by CDC and MDH. With this in mind, breakfast and lunch at the elementary schools, middle school and high school will be offered to students during the In-Person learning model with adjustments. Staff will wear face masks/shields during their entire shift. Students will receive a RFID card to pay for meals so the process will be contactless. This process may be completed remotely outside of each classroom. Compostable/Disposable trays will be used at all schools to reduce droplet contamination. Trays will be covered to avoid spills.

    Please see a more detailed Food & Nutrition Plan HERE

    Child Care / Compass

    During the In-Person learning model, child care during school hours will not be offered, as all students will be attending school. Child care will be offered before and after school.

    Please see a more detailed Child Care and Compass Plan HERE

    Technology:  Internet & Devices

    During the In-Person learning model, students will have school issued devices in grades K-12. No distance learning will be taking place for in-person learning students.  Although it would be helpful for students to have internet access at home, it is not essential, as distance learning is not a part of the In-Person learning model.  

     Please see a more detailed Technology Plan HERE


    Screening will be conducted through self-monitoring for any person entering a school building. Alexandria Public Schools (APS) will communicate expectations and process for symptom screening with posters and with staff posted at building entrances. APS students, staff and contractors will be directed to self-monitor before entering the school buildings. 


    Monitoring and Excluding For Illness

    The APS staff will be trained on the monitoring and excluding for illness processes at the beginning of the school year or through the on-boarding process for staff hired during the school year.  These processes and procedures are in the detailed Health Plan.

    Please see a more detailed Health Plan HERE


    Athletics & Activities

    Athletics and activities will be offered following the MDE and CDC guidelines.

    Please see a more detailed Activities Plan HERE

    Community Education

    Community Education will be offered following the COVID19 from Mn Department of Health guidelines.

    Please see a more detailed Community Education Plan HERE 

    Mental Health & Social Emotional Learning Support

    Alexandria Public Schools is committed to supporting the physical and social/emotional wellbeing of all of the students as they re-enter the school building in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Safety precautions are required to keep our staff and students physically safe, however, equally important is our students’ mental health. We will continue to support our students’ social and emotional needs.

    Please see a more detailed Social Emotional Learning Plan HERE

    Building Cleaning and Sanitization

    Routine cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining a safe environment for faculty, students, and staff. Clean and disinfect at least daily (or more, depending on use patterns) frequently touched surfaces and objects will be cleaned on a more regular basis.

    Please see a more detailed Building Cleaning & Sanitation Plan  HERE.