Transportation Eligibility

    1. Resident students who reside two miles or more from the school shall be eligible for transportation to and from school at the expense of the school district.
    2. The school district will also seek to provide transportation service (at the expense of the school district) using the following guidelines up to: Kindergarten - .25 mile, Elementary - .5 mile, Middle School - 1.0 mile, High School - 1.5 miles.
    3. The child's recognized residence will be located within the transportation boundary of the child's school of attendance.
    4. Resident elementary students will be provided transportation services to their assigned school based on the district's elementary school boundaries. Exceptions to the assigned school are Miltona Elementary School and when approved by the superintendent.
    5. Additional transportation services may also be provided to any student (at the expense of the school district) for other purposes deemed appropriate by the superintendent ( concerns).
    6. The take-home bus stop will be one location only because alternating from one take-home stop to another has caused students to become lost and confused.