Student Training

  • School District 206 shall provide students enrolled in grades Kindergarten through grade 10 with school bus safety training. The training shall be results-oriented and shall consist of both classroom instruction and practical training using a school bus. Upon completion of the training, a student shall be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of at least the following competencies and concepts:
    • Transportation by school bus is a privilege, not a right;
    • District policies for student conduct and school bus safety;
    • Appropriate conduct while on the bus;
    • The danger zones surrounding the school bus;
    • Procedures for safe vehicle lane crossing; and
    • School bus evacuation and other emergency procedures.

    School bus safety training shall commence during School Bus Safety Week, the first week of school. The School District may deny transportation to a student who fails to demonstrate the competencies, unless the student is unable to achieve the competencies due to a disability.