Outdoor Gear Library Rental


  • We offer high quality, clean rental gear and yard games for outdoor adventures. Why buy, when you can rent!

    Outdoor Gear Library Rental has:

    • Water
    • Camping/Hiking
    • Bikes
    • Yard Games
    • Hunting
    • Snow Gear
  • Fall-Winter Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm

    1. Call 320-762-3310 to rent your equipment
    2. Provide requested equipment, dates and credit card
    3. Pick up rental at Woodland Elementary complex (Community Education office, second floor), 1410 South McKay Ave, Alexandria

    Rental Agreement

    Covid-19 Precautions
    All equipment will be cleaned/disinfected or set aside in quarantine for the appropriate amount of time.

Rental Packages

Rental Equipment/Rates

  • 1 Day (up to 24 hours): List Price (LP)
    Weekend: (F-M, up to 72 hrs) LP x 2
    Extended Weekend:(TH-M) LP x 3
    Week (up to 7 days)=LP x 4
    10 days: LP x 5
    14 days: LP x 6

    APS Staff, Pheasants Forever, Viking Sportsmen Members
    (Badge/Member Card Required, 25% Reduction)

  • Outdoor Gear Rental made possible by:

     Viking Sportsmen, Inc.       Alexandria Community Education           Pheasants Forever