Outdoor Gear Library Rental


  • We offer high quality, clean rental gear and yard games for outdoor adventures. Why buy, when you can rent!

    Outdoor Gear Library Rental has:

    • Water
    • Camping/Hiking
    • Bikes
    • Yard Games
    • Hunting
    • Snow Gear
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

    1. Equipment rental: call 320-762-3310 Ext. 4242
    2. Provide requested equipment, dates and credit card
    3. Pick up rental at Shenanigans Indoor Playground, door #3 (next to the Early Education Center), 1410 South McKay Ave, Alexandria

Rental Packages

Rental Equipment/Rates

  • 1 Day (up to 24 hours): List Price (LP)
    Weekend: (F-M, up to 72 hrs) LP x 2
    Extended Weekend:(TH-M) LP x 3
    Week (up to 7 days)=LP x 4
    10 days: LP x 5
    14 days: LP x 6

    APS Staff, Pheasants Forever, Viking Sportsmen Members
    (Badge/Member Card Required, 25% Reduction)

  • Outdoor Gear Rental made possible by:

     Viking Sportsmen, Inc.       Alexandria Community Education           Pheasants Forever