Why is my child repeating a level?

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This is probably the most Frequently Asked Question of them all! Learning to swim is one of the most challenging skill sets for most children. With swimming, your child has to meet and overcome any fears associated with just being in and around a pool before being able to focus on skills. Even if your child isn't fearful of the water, it may take them several tries to successfully perform all of the required skills for their level. Our lessons are progressive, and pasing children before they are ready for the next level will just set them up for failure in the future. It's true-some children may reapeat a level 2, 3 or even 4 or more times- but our goal is to move children as efficiently as possible when they are appropriately ready to move. All of this takes time, patience, and practice-from both you and your child. Your child will need lots of positive support and reinforcement from you- a little encouragement will go a long way! Practice OUTSIDE of lessons (throughout the year), is also crucial to skill acquisition!