Community Partners

  • Peachjar eFlyers

    Create an Account in Peachjar to Submit Electronic Flyers

    Alexandria Public Schools uses to distribute electronic flyers to families of students in our District. 

    • Here is the link to Peachjar's Community Free Flyer Guidelines. If you believe you qualify, please create an account on as a Community Organization. From there, you'll reach out to to ask about getting set up with a free account.
    • Flyers are delivered directly to parents' email addresses each Wednesday and posted to the school's website.
    • All flyers must be uploaded to Peachjar by the group sponsoring the event or activity.
    • When you create a Peachjar account, you have access to the Peachjar eFlyer templates to help with flyer development.

    Deadlines and Email Distribution

    • Deadline: The deadline for uploading flyers is Tuesday evening for approval Wednesday morning. When you upload your flyer, make sure the post date is set to "Immediately" or the Wednesday that you want the flyer to be emailed to families.
    • Email distribution: One weekly email message is sent on Wednesday night to Alexandria Public Schools families.

    Guidelines for Peachjar Flyers

    • To be publicized through our schools, all activities, events, materials and opportunities must relate directly to children and families.
    • All flyers are subject to approval by the district and must adhere to Policy 904: Distribution of Materials and Policy 905: Advertising.
    • The District reserves the right to deny permission for the posting or distribution of materials that are not consistent with the best interests of students and families or that directly compete with District programs or services.
    • Flyers cannot contain commercial advertising of any kind
    • Flyers may not promote projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a particular political party, political organization or political viewpoint
    • Flyers may not promote projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a particular church, religious organization or religious viewpoint
    • Approved community partner flyers will be sent with school and district flyers to families on Wednesdays.


    1.  Create an account through (please see above). After you create an account, click "Send a Flyer" under the "My Flyers" heading. You can also use the Peachjar Eflyer templates to create a flyer.
    2. Important disclaimer: Approved flyers (other than those sponsored by a Alexandria School District program or Alexandria Community Education) must have this statement on the flyer/brochure: This program is not run by Alexandria Public Schools. Approval to distribute flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement.
    3. Flyers must be sumitted as a PDF, letter size, portrait or vertical layout. Colorful flyers with few words and large fonts that include a web address for more information are most effective. "eFlyer Templates" are available on under the "My Flyers" heading.
    4. Download this Tip Sheet: Guide to E-Flyer Success.pdf
    5. Make sure the post date is set to "Immediately" or the Wednesday date on which you want the flyer to be distributed.
    6. Flyers are approved and emailed one time per week - on Wednesday. Tuesday evening is the deadline for submitting flyers each week.
    7. The District reserves the right to deny distribution of any materials promoting services that compete with District programs or services, including those from other public or private schools.