Enroll in our School

  • We welcome all new students to our school system. Students will be required to complete the following steps to enroll in the 2023-24 school year

    All students will be registered using our online enrollment tool.


    Runestone Alternative school CURRENT students only:   

    Step #1: Parents will need to go into their “ParentVue” account and select 2023-24 school year and Runestone School to enroll.  You will need your parentVue password to enroll. If you need assistance, contact the main office at RAS or call RAS at 320-762-0627.

    Step #2: Please fill out the FNS application. -->  https://foodservice.edutrak.com/


    Students not currently enrolled in Alexandria /Runestone Schools:

    Parents are encouraged to complete this process with their home school counselors.

    Step #1: To use this tool, parents must first request a Parent Account by emailing our enrollment coordinator, Eleana Fabrizio-Alexander (efabrizio@alexschools.org) or by calling 320-762-0627.  

    After receiving the Account information and password, parents will receive a Parent Account and login to begin enrollment.  Click on "online Enrollment Tool" to start. Please make sure to choose school year 23-24. 

    Step #2: Families will need to work with their respected school's guidance counselors to complete a "Continuous Learning Plan" (CLP) before they will be enrolled. Please work with your school's Guidance Office to complete the CLP.

    Step #3: Please fill out the FNS application. -->  https://foodservice.edutrak.com/