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March 16, 2021 - Grand March

Prom 2021

We are continually reviewing the latest updates from the governor and working with our district’s Covid Advisory Committee to plan for prom. We know you are anxious to hear any current plans. This communication is to inform you of the latest plans from administration and the AAHS student council executive committee. Please keep in mind that this could change with any new guidance or flexibility from local and state health agencies.

Grand March

Guidance allows parents to attend seated indoor events. We will be having a grand march on the scheduled prom date of April 17th. Student council members will decorate the PAC as in past years and couples will be able to attend. To meet guidelines, the following will be implemented:

  • Couples will sign up for a 45 minute time slot 
    • This allows students to have two family members attend
    • We will have about 15 minutes between time slots for the next group to enter the PAC
    • The size of the groups will be determined by how many parents we can have in the PAC. At this time, we can have 250 family members. New guidance may allow us to increase this number
  • All family members must be masked and socially distanced from other family groups
  • Only current AAHS Seniors and Juniors and an AAHS sophomore guest may attend
  • Guests/students who do not attend AAHS will not be allowed to participate
  • We will have a photographer available to take a picture and provide a photo for each senior and junior attending grand march
  • Additional details will be released in the coming weeks


At this time, we do not plan on having a dance. The Minnesota Department of Health provided guidance that requires 6 feet of distance even during a dance.  Click here for a link to the guidance.  

Other Prom Activities

We understand that students enjoy going out to eat and spending time with their group of friends. These activities do meet new guidelines. As in the past, students plan these activities and gatherings with their peer groups.

Thank you for your support

We understand that this year’s prom may not be totally back to normal but we are excited that we can still have some activities for our students. We will continue to review state guidance and provide our students with all the experiences that follow these guidelines.