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RAS Students learn about Personal Finance

A number of Runestone Alternative School students have been participating in a PersonalFinance class that has been providing the opportunity to explore Behavioral Economics, Taxes, and Checking so far this year. We have been using a curriculum designed by Next Generation
Personal Finance, an organization that has the goal of educating every high school graduate with at least a semester of personal finance by 2030. The instruction is flexible and contains a variety of activities and tools for learning. It complements both a classroom taught environment
as well as an independent study environment. The information delivered to the students is current and continuously modified to stay up to date. It includes tools such as articles, videos, games, learning activities, and simulations to enhance the learning experience. The class has provoked a lot of curiosity and wonderment along with good conversation around money management, how banking works, and the emotional aspects that influence how we spend money. Upcoming topics are Savings, Types of Credit, Managing Credit, Investments, Insurance, Budgeting and more!