Middle School 6-8 Distance Learning Plan

  • Middle School students, grades 6-8, will access assignments and lessons using Schoology. 

    Attendance will be taken in the color-coded periods through a student "check-in" process on Schoology. Refer to the DMS Distance Learning Schedule which identifies timeframes for students to work in specific courses/class periods, as well as when teachers will be available for assistance or support. Teachers will also be contacting students individually or in small groups to check in on them.

    Student Schedules and Routines:

    It is recommended that students try to establish a routine to their day. The DMS Distance Learning Schedule shares grade level schedules that may help families set times for their students to work on specific classes. The time provided is an estimate, it may not take your student the full length of time to complete their work. Please double check that you are using your student’s grade level schedule.  

    Fine Arts and Phy Ed Schedule (1:15- 2:00):

    This schedule pertains to Fine Arts are classes scheduled opposite Phy Ed: 

    Band, Choir, Orchestra, 6th grade Drama, 6th Grade Music, and Art

         “A” Day- Students will receive Fine Arts coursework

         “B” Day-  Students will receive Phy Ed coursework 

    Fine Arts and Phy Ed teachers will be available to assist and support students during this time.  Students may choose to complete this coursework during their scheduled period during the day

    Teacher Availability:

    1.  During scheduled “periods” on the designated “A” and “B” days
    2.  ”Student Collaboration” time before lunch
    3.  Designated time at the end of the day for student support and connections 2:00-3:30 each day

    Teachers will identify and communicate when individual or small group connections will occur.

    How will students receive their coursework for the day?

    Each morning at 8:30 a.m., students coursework will be “pushed out” to them via their Schoology account. 

    Due Dates for coursework:

    Students will have 2 days (we urge students to complete work daily) to complete their needed coursework identified in Schoology .  The coursework will be expected to be finished before the next scheduled class time (Remember we are on an “A” day/”B” day schedule)  Again, as families and schools approach this new learning environment, we urge students to structure their day to create a schedule that best allows them to complete their coursework in a timely manner.  If at all possible, we recommend students complete the work given the day it is assigned, so the following days work doesn’t stack on top of expectations.

    Will attendance be taken?

    Yes, attendance is still mandatory.  Students' attendance will be taken daily by their teachers.  Each course will have a process to check into Schoology. .

    How will coursework be graded?

    Coursework will be graded similar to how it was graded prior to distance learning.  There will be some slight variations based on Distance Learning, but expectations will be clear to students of what they need to do to complete their work each day and each class period.

    Extra support from Counselors, social workers, and administration:

    Please remember our counselors, social workers and administrators are here to support you and your child. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if your child is struggling with tech issues, academics, or have social/emotional concerns.

    Other Scheduled times during student’s day:

    We know that a student’s typical school day offered many more aspects than academic classes.  We feel it is important that we replicate other “connections’ and opportunities to connect with staff and students.

    Discovery Daily Connect:  A good way to start each day.  School Counselors and Social Workers will put together a welcome to the day.

    Homebase Connect:  Home Base teacher will stay connected to your student in various ways.

    Student Collaboration: Students time to connect on coursework and teachers will be available for student support and questions.

    Brain Break:  School Counselors and Social Workers will offer ideas for students to take a break from coursework and maintain a healthy mind and body.

    Technology issues

    If your child’s chromebook is not working properly, they should contact their home base teacher first for guidance.  

    What ifs:

    We are anticipating that some students will struggle with extenuating circumstances that may affect their ability to learn from home. Teachers are anticipating and planning for some of these situations. It is extremely important that your child communicates directly with their teachers any issues they are encountering.  Flexibility will be given to students who need it. Communication will be the key to work through any issues.

    Discovery Middle School Office Hours (phone contact only until further notice):

    Please call (320) 762-7900, M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    Distance Learning is an adjustment for teachers, students and families and we understand there will be questions and challenges. Thank you for your partnership as we work together to navigate these new learning experiences and environments. 


Tech Support

  • If your child’s chromebook is not working properly, they should their home base teacher for assistance first.

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