Early Learning Plan

  • Early learning will be provided in a variety of methods, including:

    • Curriculum delivery through SeeSaw and other electronic means (i.e. email, web resources, YouTube)
      • Curriculum in all developmental areas (e.g. literacy, mathematics, science, physical movement, music, handwriting, and social skills) will occur in short (5-minutes or less) videos for families to watch with their children when time allows. Videos will include tips and suggestions for easily expanding the activities and learning through adult-child interaction.
    • Curriculum delivery through hands-on materials appropriate for early learning will be provided to families to ensure equitable access to necessary supplies.
      • Supplies were sent home with each student, including construction paper, lined writing paper, chalk, markers, crayons and/or colored pencils, writing pencil, watercolor paint set, glue sticks, laminated cardstock and expo marker for use as a whiteboard and children's book. There is no expectation for return of the materials.
    • Daily activity ideas for caregivers and children to do together will be provided, utilizing either conversation prompts or the use of common household items or supplies families are likely to have already available. Thee engaging activities are meant to mitigate stress in preschoolers by connecting them with a regulating partner, maintaining typical classroom practices and build capacity in at-home teacher/caregivers to provide learning opportunities for young children.
    • Additionally, parent education support and resources will be offered via electronic and paper formats in collaboration with our Early Childhood Family Education program on the topics including, but not limited to, balancing competing family member needs, redefining a daily family schedule, managing personal and familial stress, COVID-19 family preparedness resources, and outlets for maintaining social connection during physical distancing.