Preschool Makes A Difference

  • Creating Learners Preschool at Alexandria Public Schools provides an innovative classroom where your child's creativity and imagination soar! Our diverse classrooms help your child discover a love for learning in an interactive, stimulating, and academically rich environment. We have created a program with you and your family in mind - with many options but the same standards of excellence and success as all of the Alexandria Public Schools.
    Creating Learners Preschool is a program of Alexandria Public Schools Community Education. Our Alexandria Public Schools Preschool is the only preschool that aligns the curriculum with Alexandria Public Schools K-12 curriculum. We welcome you to contact us if your would like to arrange a tour; please contact our office at or 320-762-3305.
    What Will My Child Learn?
    At Alexandria Public Schools, our mission is to achieve educational excellence and to inspire a life-long passion for learning. Our preschool is designed to create excitement around education for your child and provide a foundation for lifelong learning. Our curriculum is a balanced approach of all social-emotional and academic areas. We focus on personalized learning for your child. Lessons are designed around your child's skills to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.
    What are the Creating Learners Preschool Program Dates?
    The Creating Learners Preschool Program follows the Alexandria Public Schools calendar for all programming dates and activities.
    When Does a Typical Preschool Day Include?
    • Opening Circle:  songs, sharing, stories and calendar
    • Choice Time:  free play, art projects and games
    • Reading Readiness:  alliteration, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, rhyming
    • Indoor recess or Playground: free play and organized games
    • Math: numbers, counting, sorting and grouping
    • Art and Music: individual expression and creativity
    • Science: exploration of nature, plants, animals and weather


    • Compass before and after school care is available
    • Includes field trips and on-site special events.
    • All preschool classes use Opening the World of Learning comprehensive curriculum
    • Conferences twice per year

    Do you have children in both ECFE and Preschool classes?
    Many of our families have multiple children and have needs for ECFE classes for one child and preschool classes for another. If this is you and you need assistance with making the class schedules work for both your children, please contact our office at, or (320) 762-3305 to learn about complementary extended day options for your preschooler.