Students must have appropriate physical education dress for daily class participation.  Long hair needs to be tied back.  Tennis shoes (they must be tied), gym shorts (must be longer than your finger tips as stated in the school dress code), and athletic socks will be considered appropriate.  All t-shirts must have sleeves.  Shorts must be worn at waist level.  If boxers are seen, lunch detention will be given.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants will also be acceptable.  These clothes should be different than what is worn to school.  Sweatshirts or jackets are encouraged when weather is cool yet nice enough to be outside.  All students are expected to be dressed for an indoor activity in case of inclement weather or a change of plans. All students with long hair will need hair bands.


    Sixty percent of the physical education grade is based on a running warm-up, fitness and skill level and/or written tests for each activity.  Forty percent of the grade is based on daily participation (dress, attitude, sportsmanship, effort expended, and care of equipment).  STUDENTS CAN COMPLETE EXTRA CREDIT TO RAISE QUARTER GRADE UP ONE LETTER GRADE.


    Any written doctor excuse will be acceptable for nonparticipation within class.  A parental note will be accepted if the student was absent the previous day.  Conditions lasting more than two class periods must have a doctor’s note. Notes from parents excusing a student from PE for an after school sporting event are not acceptable.


    Students should makeup all absences and nonparticipation days in physical education.  Students may select from the following list of makeup activities.  In addition, this list may be used for extra credit.

    Thursday morning makeup at 7:30 am, last Thursday of every month.
    Help work at a middle school or senior high school athletic event or practice (it must be in an Activity in which you are not participating)
    Do a fitness journal, see individual’s instructor (Max. of 2 per quarter)
    Attend a swimming makeup

    TARDINESS/CLOTHES WARNINGS (combined for total number of offenses)

    First offense-warning
    Second offense-loss of two daily points
    Third offense-loss of three daily points and detention
    These are cumulative for the year.


    Lockers will be provided for all students.  These lockers will be used for both physical education and after school athletics.  Students cannot share lockers under any circumstances.  Small items should be stored in the back of the locker so they can’t be pulled through.  The locker dial MUST be turned from the “open” position after closing to insure a locked locker.


    Students will be allowed 4 minutes from the tardy bell to get dressed and ready for class participation.  Students must wait in their respective locker rooms until dismissal.  Students who leave early will receive a zero and will be dealt with according to their individual instructor’s discipline plan.


    Students are expected to keep a pen or pencil in their physical education locker for handouts, quizzes and/or tests.  Teachers will not provide any pencils.


    Showers are available but students must provide their own towels.


    CELL PHONES / ELECTRONIC DEVICES, ARE NOT ALLOWED OUT OF YOUR POCKET IN THE LOCKER ROOM AT ANY TIME.  If seen it will be taken away and given to the office and the student can pick it up in 3 days as stated in the DMS school policy. 


    Students with more than 3 of the following will not be eligible for the celebrations.

    No PE clothes
    Non-participation days not made up

    They must have:

    Served no detention
    No disciplinary referrals
    A passing grade


    Our philosophy is simply that we believe all students can behave appropriately during physical education class.  We will not allow any student to stop us from teaching and/or prevent any student from learning.  It is for this reason we have written the basic rules for physical education.

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
    Follow directions the first time given
    Dress appropriately for each unit and activity
    Do not enter the storage room, touch or be on equipment without permission
    Put forth an honest effort in class
    Quiet and eyes on instructor when whistle blows
    Appropriate language is expected.


    All physical education make up days are in the gym and students need to be dressed and ready to participate at 7:30 am.