• Parent VUE/Student Experience:
    This is a safe and secure way for parents to access information about their child/ren, monitor and support their academic success and enhance school to home communication. This student information system tracks class schedules, grades, attendance, and health and discipline data. Each parent is provided a unique activation key. If you do not have an "activation key code" from last year, you may call the AAHS College & Career Center (762-2142 ext. 4510) to get your code.
    To activate your parent account, follow these steps:
    1. Click here to visit access the ParentVUE portal.
    2. Under the Activate My Account window, click on "I have an activation key and need to create my account".
    3. Read through the Privacy statement and click the Accept button.
    4. Enter your first name, last name, and the 7 character activation key.
    5. Click on Continue to Step 3.
    6. Create a user name (no spaces between names - for example: sallysmith) and password and enter a primary email address. (Be sure to record this information).
    7. Click on Complete Account Activation.
    8. The Home Page of the Parent VUE will display a list of the students for whom you have access.
    9. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of student records. If any information appears to be incorrect, please notify the school.
    10. For technical difficulties with activating your ParentVUE account, refer to the Help link.
    11. Be sure to log out before exiting the system.