• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiative
    District 206 is excited to announce a new opportunity in the middle school and high school learning environment. The BYOD initiative will allow students, at the supervision and permission of teachers, to bring their personal technology devices to school or use in the classroom. Students will have access to a secured wireless guest network while at school. This means that students can research, take notes, or use their device in other ways to support and enhance their learning experience.


    The BYOD initiative will be available to students in grades 7-12. Some examples of devices that students may bring to school for use in the classroom are laptops, netbooks, tablets, and cell phones with browsing capabilities. The benefits of the responsible use of technology in an educational setting are many. Our kids are digital natives and we believe that technology devices are simply another tool that can enhance learning through access to Internet resources, engagement, and collaboration.


    Implementing a program of increased access to digital content is the shared responsibility of our entire learningcommunity in order for it to be successful. We look forward to the educational opportunities that BYOD will bring to our students and staff. We anticipate that there will be some challenges along the way but we’ve created a set of common-sense guidelines to help frame a common understanding for students, staff and parents going forward. As parents/guardians, your assistance with communicating and enforcing these common-sense guidelines is anticipated and greatly appreciated.


    Common-Sense Guidelines

    1.     Middle/High School students will use approved devices in classrooms and their school buildings at the discretion of teachers and administrators. Access is only available, not guaranteed for each classroom situation.

    2.     Students must have a signed user agreement on file and all approved devices will receive a sticker to place on the device.  All devices are to be kept on silent mode during the school day.

    3.     Images or video must not be recorded at school or be transmitted or posted at any time without the express permission of a teacher.

    4.     The BYOD program supports educational work in the classroom. When in class, students are expected

    to be focused on learning. Personal use of these devices is not permitted in classrooms.


    This is an exciting initiative that will help students take their learning further. We hope to see many students taking advantage of this program!

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