• Earth Day celebrated with students!  All students received "dirt for dessert" (pudding with cookie crumbles and a gummy worm), tips on recycling at home as well as a fun Earth Day related game. 

    Dirt Cup Pic


    Food supply chains are working to adapt with the changing needs of schools, restaurants, hospitals, etc.  As a result, we are having to adjust our menus to what is available.  This can change week by week.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with this.  
    We are also working with our vendors to incorporate typical student favorites!  These include items like taco in a bag and pizza.  These items will come to you cold for food safety reasons, but can be easily heated in a microwave, if desired.
    As new menu items become available, we will incorporate them.  Look for upcoming menus to include Asian Chicken with Brown Rice, Hot Dogs, and more!
    Food is a necessity but also a way to celebrate traditions and special events!  We will be helping our students to celebrate different occasions with fun menu items.  April 22 we will celebrate Earth Day.  Look for a surprise menu item in your lunch!


    Curbside meal pickup is available at Woodland Elementary from 11 am - 1 pm, Monday - Friday, excluding April 10 & 13.  Meals will be placed on a table near the pull up site.  For social distancing and safety reasons, please step out of your car to pick up your meals.

    If you signed up for meal delivery service, meals will be delivered between the hours of 10:15am and 1:00pm.  In efforts to maximize social distancing, a lunch for that day and a breakfast for the next day will be delivered to your front door.  A 206 staff person will ring your doorbell, alerting you to the delivery. If you choose to leave a cooler on your doorstep, we will place your meals inside.  See below for exceptions:

    If you live in an apartment building
    If you live in a secure apartment building, we will ring your apartment and leave your meals in the entryway.  If you live in a non-secured apartment, meals will be left in the lobby or entryway, with apartment numbers written on the bags.  If you have a cooler, please leave that for meals to be placed into.  As always, meals should either be refrigerated or consumed witin 2 hours.  In order to keep our staff and your students safe, please practice social distancing by waiting to retrieve meals until after staff leave. 
    Due to the size, school buses have restricted access in some locations:
    If you live in a rural location:
    Please leave a cooler at the end of your driveway.  We will place your meals in the cooler.  

    If you live in a mobile home park:
    Vans/buses will deliver door to door.

    We thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.



    Please note these safe food handling guidelines for picked up or delivered bagged meals during the school shutdown.

    Safe Food Handling Instructions for Perishable Items

    • Meat and Cheese Sandwiches are to be consumed or refrigerated within 2 hours. Shelf life refrigerated is 2 days.
    • Pre-Packaged Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are to be consumed or refrigerated within 2 hours. Shelf Life refrigerated 5 days
    • Yogurt and  Cheese Sticks- are to be consumed or refrigerated within 2 hours. Check the packaging for expiration date.
    • Portioned items (items that are not factory wrapped) of cheese, pizza sauce, bread, pretzels, fruits are to be consumed or refrigerated within 2 hours. Shelf life 5 days.
    • Citrus Systems Fruit Juices are to be consumed or refrigerated within 2 hours. Shelf life refrigerated 10 days.

    The following items can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated for up to 5 days.

    • Ultimate Breakfast Round
    • Pre-Packaged Sliced Breakfast Breads
    • Pre-Packaged Mini Loaf Breakfast Breads
    • BeneFit Bars
    • Muffin Top



    • Hamburger Bun 31 grams
    • Hotdog Bun 31 grams
    • Sub Bun 30 grams
    • Croissant 35 grams
    • 2 Bread Slices 32 grams