COVID Advisory Team

  • Purpose: To help provide feedback to district administration on the planning and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Meeting Frequency/Format: Every week in August in preparation for the start of the school year via GoogleMeet.


    1. Rick Sansted, Superintendent
    2. Darcy Josephson, Asst. Superintendent
    3. Jessie Hjelle, Director of Human Resources
    4. Michelle Bethke-Kaliher, Director of Student Support Services
    5. Melissa Bright, District Nurse
    6. Wade Nibbe, Buildings & Grounds Director
    7. Rhonda Hjelle, Horizon Public Health
    8. Ann Steehn, Horizon Public Health
    9. Amy Reineke, Horizon Public Health
    10. Jayme Danielson, D.O., Alomere Health
    11. Angie Krebs, School Board Member
    12. Tom Ellison, Education Minnesota-Alexandria, President
    13. Jill Fuglestad. Math/Instructional Coach, Alexandria Public Schools
    14. Jolene Katchmark, Education Assistant Union President
    15. Brendan Bogart, Elementary Principal
    16. Heather Timm, Middle School Asst. Principal
    17. Bob Brakke, High School Asst. Principal
    18. Jason Lattimer, Parent/Community Representative
    19. Travis Kramer, Parent/Community Representative
    20. Stephanie Stueve, Elementary Parent Representative
    21. Rob Stanley, Elementary Parent Representative
    22. Theresa Ziebarth-Moritz, AIPAC Chair
    23. Carla Ptacek, RAED Executive Director
    24. Sonja Braund, Student Representative
    25. Carson Froke, Student Representative
    26. Joanna Kietzmann, Student Representative
    27. Emma Olson, Student Representative 

2021-22 Meeting Resources

Minutes & Presentation Links will be added starting Sept 9 and going forward
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