• Ignite

Conference History

  • The Ignite.Inspire.Innovate conference began in 2016.  It was first held in Minnetonka, then in Eden Prairie, then in Stillwater and this year in Alexandria.  We are pleased to announce that White Bear Lake has agreed to hold the fifth year in 2020!

    This conference is an offshoot of  EdLeader21, focusing on Innovation and Best Practices in Education, along with work around the Four C's, Portrait/Profile of a Graduate, and Project-Based Learning (PBL).  Many of the original districts, from 2016 also attend the Annual EdLeader21 Conference (but not a requirement)

    The original conference organizers wanted a way for districts in the upper Midwest to be able to share, collaborate, and learn without breaking the bank. Thus, the conference, which is typically set up as two days including keynote speakers, learning sessions put on by attending districts (we depend heavily on one another to make sessions work), and then a deep dive learning pre or post conference for those interested. Districts send people for portions of the event, or the entire time; this includes teachers, instructional support staff, principals, and district level folks.

    Because this is a collaborative endeavor, and not a "for profit conference", we keep the costs down by rotating the location between districts, and by having participating districts provide the sessions.  Attendance has typically been around 300 people.