Fishing for Ideas

Fishing for Ideas

  • Have you ever had an idea that would help our school system be a better place for students, parents or staff? This school year we will have a place for all staff to submit ideas during our Fishing for Ideas season.

    At the 2019-20 district kick off, Superintendent Julie Critz talked about empathy.  Our challenge question for this school year:  What is an idea, grounded in empathy and empathic thinking, that will result in a better Alexandria Public Schools?

    Once ideas have been submitted (Oct. 7 - Oct. 27th) staff will provide feedback through crowdsourcing technology and pair wise voting. This feedback will lead us to "keep" some of the ideas through the process of Human Centered Design to create prototypes and test the ideas. Other ideas may end up in a "Catch and Release" area for further growth. Unlike fishing, the size of the idea is not connected to being a keeper or getting thrown back in the lake.

    After ideas are submitted, we encourage staff to vote, comment and support the ideas they think are worthy of being "keepers".  The voting period will begin on November 4th and run through November 17th.  

    We invite all staff to submit an idea that they think can improve the experiences for our students, staff or parents. By the end of the year we should have some great stories or ideas that will be a part of our system... and of course the one that got away.


  • Timelines for 2019-20

    • Idea Submission -- October 7 through October 27
    • Idea Discsussion -- October 28 through November 3
    • Pair Matrix Voting -- November 4 through November 17
    • Final Decision of Projects to be implemented - December 2019
    • Human Centered Design Workshop for Ideas that are selected -- January 27, 2020 3:30 - 7:30 PM
    • Implementation of the ideas - Spring and / or Fall of 2020