Total Special Education System

  • Total Special Education System (TSES)


    The Total Special Education System Plan for Alexandria Public Schools in accordance with Minnesota Rule 3525.1100. This plan also includes an assurance for compliance with the federal requirements pertaining to districts’ special education responsibilities found in United States Code, title 20, chapter 33, sections 1400 et seq., and Code of Federal Regulations, title 34, part 300. This document is a companion to the Application for Special Education Funds – Statement of Assurances (ED-01350-29).


    Michelle Bethke-Kaliher, Alexandria Public School District 206’s Director of Student Support Services, is responsible for program development, coordination, and evaluation; in-service training; and general special education supervision and administration. Michelle Bethke-Kaliher may be reached at Alexandria Public Schools District Administrative Offices, 1410 South McKay Ave., Ste. 201, PO Box 308 Alexandria, MN 56308, and by phone at 320-762-2141.