Medication Policy and Procedure

  • Parents may request that the school district administer medication to their child when it is necessary for the medication to be administered during the school day. The following procedure must be followed:

    • A written physician's order listing medical diagnosis must accompany each medication to be dispensed. No medication is administered by health services personnel without specific written instructions from a physician. This includes all over the counter (OTC) medication except as noted below.

    • Parent/guardian and prescribing health care provider must sign the authorization sheet for prescription medications given during the school day by staff. Click on the link to download the Authorization for Medication Administration form.

    • Parents/guardians of middle and high school students ONLY in compliance with MN Statute 121A.222, must complete the Authorization to Self-Carry OTC Medications form if they'd like their child to carry/self medicate with OTC pain-killers like Tylenol, Advil etc. No combination medications or medications containing Pseudoephedrine may be carried by the student.  Parent/guardian and student signatures required.

    • Medications must be delivered in pharmacy containers clearly labeled with the child's name, name of physician, date of prescription, name and telephone number of the pharmacy, name of medication, dosage and frequency of administration.OTC meds must be in original containers.

    • All medications brought to school must be kept in the health services office. An exception would be a medication kept with the student once approved by the school nurse with proper physician's orders, i.e. inhalers or in the middle/high schools for analgesics if requested. (see above).  Students should NOT bring medications to the Health Office. All medications should be brought to the Health Office by an adult for the safety of the student and other students.

    • Cough drops are not allowed in school without a written authorization from the physician.