• Board of Education

    The Alexandria School Board acts as a link between the school system and the public. It also sets policy for the school district. The School Board is made up of seven district residents, elected at large to four-year terms. Although school board directors are assigned position numbers, each Board member represents the entire Alexandria School District 206. Term expirations are staggered to ensure that the Board has experienced members serving at any given time. Board elections are held in November in years ending in an even number.
    School Board Meetings
    Regular meetings of the board are held the third Monday of each month* (*except for September, January & February which are held the fourth Monday) at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office, Oak Conference Room, 1410 South McKay Avenue, Suite 201, Alexandria. All meetings are open to the public.
    Click here to view the School Board Meeting Schedule. Special meetings and work sessions are scheduled as necessary. The meeting schedule is subject to change. Meeting minutes and notices of change in meeting dates are published in the legal notices of the Echo Press.
    Individuals wishing to address the School Board are encouraged to make a written request to the Superintendent of Schools at least seven days prior to a scheduled meeting. Time is alloted at the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to speak in front of the board. Each person is allocated 3 minutes. This is a time for the board to listen to the public, not to respond to or take action as a result of the information shared.