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Mamma Mia! - Fall Musical 2023
2024 AAHS Spring Choir Concert
Alexandria Area High School Spring Choir Concert
Mamma Mia! - Fall Musical 2023
Shark Tank Competition Scholarship Winners

From Our Community

Nick Heydt picture

I grew up in Alexandria and had a very positive experience with the Alexandria school system growing up, so much so, that we decided to move back Alexandria to raise our four children.

All four of our children have attended Alexandria schools from elementary through high school. The Alexandria school system has challenged our children and developed them into successful students. Alexandria school system has great amenities and a caring faculty. The activities such as band, DECA, sports have been top notch. It seems like we are competitive in all activities and Alexandria is the place to be.

We are huge supporters of the public school system especially the Alexandria school system.
Nick heydt, alumni & current parent

Kyle V

I like the opportunities we get to have in some of the classes offers. I think that makes our school special because of what we have available to us as students, whether it be the many college opportunities, to classes and experiences the school has to offer. I want people to know that they should take advantage of this because not everyone has the opportunity we do.
kyle v., AAHS student

KJ family


What makes our school special is that our school administrators prioritize communication and transparency with district families.They are focused on listening to parents and students when challenges arise and are flexible and willing to learn, grow, and make appropriate changes if needed.
karen johnson, parent

MW and friends picture

I love the environment of Alexandria Public Schools! Coming here my freshman year, I've gained a lot of tight knit friends and I get to see them in various activities and at school, as well as how involved the teachers are. For example, Mr. Scherber also being involved in Young Life outside of school has helped so many kids grow as people in the community to serve others. Our school is full of extremely kindhearted, passionate and driven students and teachers who like creating a positive difference.
Maya W., aahs student

Jeff P

The reason I appreciate the Alexandria Public School district is their continuous efforts to create a meaningful experience for all students. No matter your interests, I believe each student is given the opportunity to investigate, pursue and experience multiple avenues of interests, both academically and through extra curricular. Specifically at the high school level, the academy model is advanced in nature and offers students a deeper look into specific studies/careers, well ahead of their peers in other districts. Students are also offered an expanded array of extra curricular activities, athletics, clubs and groups which they can participate in and find friend networks. ISD 206 also provides safe environments for students to flourish. Our facilities are advanced and/or up to date, clean and provide a sense of pride for staff and the community. We are fortunate the school district, its staff and facilities are another positive reason people are drawn to our community.
Jeff Patience, Parent

By The Numbers


All K-12 students have their own device.

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students enrolled K-12

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teachers and staff serving our families.

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Schools, PreK-12th

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